Invited Speakers

Osama Rahman has been Director of the Data Science Campus at the Office for National Statistics since September 2022. He co-chairs the UK Public Sector Data Science Leaders Network, is the first Chair of the United Nations Data Science Leaders Network, on the Executive Committee of the United Nations High Level Group on the Modernisation of Official Statistics, is a member of Advisory Panel to the Singapore Government Department of Statistics and a member of the Expert Group advising the Swiss Federal Statistical Office’s Data Science Centre of Competence.

Andy Boyd is the Director of UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration (UK LLC), specializing in designing the data and governance infrastructure required for linking participants in longitudinal studies with routine records to enhance cohort study databanks. The UK LLC is a member of the UK Health Data Research Alliance, a collaborative network focused on harnessing health data for research purposes.

Frederik Trier Møller is a public health specialist and innovator. He is an epidemiologist and has worked with the Danish research registers focusing on family and household studies. He has established several research and digital knowledge infrastructures and provided medical council on key COVID-related digital systems. Through his employment at Statens Serum Institut, he was involved in the Danish Covid-19 response and worked in the European Human Exposome network. Frederik Trier Møller is the PI of a work package in the HEAP consortium that aims to collect and analyze consumer purchase data’s impact on health. His sincere belief is that analysis of the “consumerome”, and health outcomes will lead to novel insights into our lifestyle’s impact on health and disease and provide a basis for future prevention.

Jeff Brunstrom was awarded his Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham (UK). In 1999 he became a lecturer in the Department of Human Sciences at Loughborough University (UK) and in 2005 he moved to the University of Bristol (UK). His current position is Professor of Experimental Psychology. Jeff co-leads the Nutrition and Behaviour Unit in the School of Psychological Science. Major research themes include appetite, memory and cognition, expected satiety, dietary learning, eating behaviour, portion size, and food choice, and Jeff has published over 140 papers on these topics. Over many years his research has been supported by a range of funding agencies, including the BBSRC, MRC, ESRC, EU-FP7, and NIHR. Jeff serves several advisory roles and he currently leads a 5-year ‘Consumer Lab’ hub, which forms part of the BBSRC-OIRC network. He has been recognised by the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior as a recipient of both the Alan N. Epstein Research Award (2011) and the Hoebel Prize for Creativity (2023).   

Clive Humby, OBE, is a data science entrepreneur and a Visiting Professor of Data Science at Sheffield University. Clive is joint Founder, Chairman and Head of Data Science at global consumer insights business, dunnhumby which is best known for the development of the Tesco Clubcard in the UK. More recently, Clive served as a Senior Advisor to Business and Government to the implications of AI to business and Society.