Conference Organisers

Scientific Committee

Anya Skatova: Anya is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bristol where she leads the Digital Footprints Lab. She also holds UKRI Future Leaders and Turing Fellowships. Her work focuses on realising the value of shopping history data for population health research through linking data into longitudinal population studies. Anya studies a variety of issues, including diet, reproductive health and mental health. 

Michelle Morris: Michelle is a Professor and Turing Fellow based in the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics and School of Medicine. She leads the Nutrition and Lifestyle Analytics team. Her interdisciplinary research uses novel forms of data, including supermarket transaction records, for research into lifestyle behaviours and health. She is a co-investigator for the Consumer Data Research Centre. Michelle leads a number of projects collaborating with retailers. 

John Harvey: John is an Associate Professor based in N/LAB at the University of Nottingham, specialising in using aggregated consumer behavioral data to address social issues. He holds a broad research portfolio spanning consumer behavior and economic anthropology.

Michele Orini: Michele is a Senior Research Fellow in Data Science for Health at University College London, specialising in methods related to biomedical engineering and cardiovascular research, such as computational cardiac electrophysiology and heart rate variability analysis.

Local organising committee

Anya Skatova, Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol

Neo Poon, Senior Research Associate, University of Bristol

Romana Burgess, Senior Research Associate, University of Bristol

Poppy Taylor, PhD Candidate, University of Bristol